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(15)       The Sierre Rock avalanche

Fig. 1: Approximate location of the rock avalanche of Sierre (red= scarp and yellow = deposit) (topographic background from Swiss map 50).

The Sierre Rock avalanche is a late glacial stage event. It involved approximately 1 km3 of rock. The rockslide scar is situated in the northern slope of the Rhone valley on dip slope of the helvetic nappes (Figs. 1 and 2).

The deposit of the rock avalanche seems quite complicated, partly or entirely because it spread out on the glacier and /or on the alluvial plain. The surface of the deposit is approximately 25 km2.

Fig. 2: Approximate rock avalanche location on a 3D view . (3D view from Atlas of Switzerland Swisstopo).


Burri, M. (1997): Géologie récente de Finges et de ses environ (VS). Bull. Murithienne, 155, 5-27.